4:50 From Paddington by Agatha Christie

I have seen a lot of Agatha Christie over the years, but I haven’t read that many. I had seen 4:50 From Paddington as a BBC show, but I wanted to read it. This one is a Miss Marple book.

A quote from 4:50 From Paddington by Agatha Christie

This book has also been published under the title “What Mrs. McGillicuddy Saw.” Mrs. McGillicuddy is a friend of Jane Marple. On her way to visit Miss Marple, Mrs. McGillicuddy sees a man strangling a woman on board a train that is running parallel to hers. Of course, she reports the murder.

A quote from 4:50 From Paddington by Agatha Christie

However, no one believes her, but the authorities do check it out. Miss Marple believes her since it’s her friend who told her. Thus, Miss Marple and Mrs. McGillicuddy check out the different trains to try to solve the case.

4:50 From Paddington by Agatha Christie

Brief Summary (while trying not to give everything away)

In 4:50 From Paddington, Miss Marple, who is getting up there in age, uses those she knows to help her solve the case. Well, really they just help her find clues. She does all the solving of the case. But how many will die before she figures it out?


4:50 From Paddington is NOT available on Kindle Unlimited. Miss Marple is my favorite of Agatha Christie’s characters. But if you’ve seen the show, don’t think that you know the story from the book. Yes, there are some similarities, but there are some major differences.

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