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A Chance Encounter by S. Neha

Obviously, I continued right on with my Pride and Prejudice variations binge (I’m not sure why I went through so many, but luckily most are on Kindle Unlimited) with A Chance Encounter. This one is available on Kindle Unlimited.

A quote from A Chance Encounter by S. Neha

This variation starts right after Elizabeth refuses Darcy’s proposal in Hunsford. Unlike canon, where Darcy gives her the letter the next morning, he cannot find her to give it. When he returns to Rosings, he overhears Lady Catherine dictating to his cousin Anne that she needs to compromise Darcy to prevent him from succumbing to Miss Bennet’s arts and allurements.

A quote from A Chance Encounter by S. Neha

His eavesdropping leads to his leaving Rosings without letting his Aunt Catherine know. Then she, of course, blames Elizabeth for his leaving. This, in turn, causes Mr. Collins to force Elizabeth out of his house. Elizabeth leaves for London a week early with an older lady and her granddaughter. What should happen along the way, but that their carriage breaks an axle? Fortunately, Mr. Darcy comes by shortly after the accident.

A Chance Encounter by S. Neha

Brief Summary (while trying not to give everything away)

In A Chance Encounter, Elizabeth and Darcy are thrown together due to Elizabeth’s injury in the accident. Will Elizabeth see Darcy in a new light or will her prejudice against him remain?


A Chance Encounter presents Elizabeth an opportunity to see Mr. Darcy in a complete new and different situation. This one is on Kindle Unlimited. It has some unique twists. I recommend it!

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