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A Gentleman of Worth by L. L. Diamond

I have been waiting for A Gentleman of Worth to come out. After reading An Endeavour to Be Worthy, I just knew that Elizabeth and Jane’s cousin, Amelia, had to have her story told. Sure enough, it’s here!

A quote from A Gentleman of Worth by L.L. Diamond

Lady Amelia Montford is the first cousin of Elizabeth and Jane. Shortly after Elizabeth and Darcy married, Sir Anthony Greene started to show Lady Amelia favor. Of course, Amelia doesn’t recognize that Anthony wants to court her as they’ve been friends for so long.

A quote from A Gentleman of Worth by L.L. Diamond

When Anthony gets up the courage to speak to Amelia, she doesn’t respond well and rushes off to the garden. As a result of him following her, Anthony and Amelia are forced to marry.

A Gentleman of Worth by L.L. Diamond

Brief Summary (while trying not to give everything away)

In A Gentleman of Worth, Anthony falls in love with Amelia during her first season. But as he was attempting to repair his estate and account through economy, he refused to speak to her as he refused to make her wait. Anthony couldn’t afford a family so he waited until he could. Amelia struggled with letting him in as she had fallen in love with him her first season, but he had friend zoned her so she had closed her heart to him. Now will she open her heart once more? Read it and find out!


This is on Kindle Unlimited. You do see Elizabeth and Darcy some in this, but it is definitely centered around Amelia and Anthony. Well worth the read!

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