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A Look Behind the Mask by Tiffany Thomas

I obviously continued right on with my Pride and Prejudice variations binge (I’m not sure why I went through so many, but luckily they are on Kindle Unlimited) with A Look Behind the Mask. This one is available on Kindle Unlimited.

A quote from A Look Behind the Mask by Tiffany Thomas

This variation starts before any of canon. Elizabeth is twelve years old when she discovers that men can be cruel. A pretty face can cover up a multitude of sins. As a result, when the man she knows to be cruel comes to court Jane, Elizabeth does her best to see that Jane disappears to London to avoid him.

A quote from A Look Behind the Mask by Tiffany Thomas

While in London, Jane meets Bingley and eventually Darcy. Darcy convinces Bingley to leave Jane, setting up some confrontations for Darcy in the future. Jane returns home with a dented heart as she really liked Bingley.

A Look Behind the Mask by Tiffany Thomas

Brief Summary (while trying not to give everything away)

In A Look Behind the Mask, all couples, other than our dear couple, Elizabeth and Darcy, are paired with different people than canon. Bingley is with Darcy when he discovers Georgiana and Wickham in Ramsgate, which leads to Georgiana and Bingley being married when they arrive at Netherfield.


A Look Behind the Mask definitely presents an altered storyline. Jane ends up with someone other than Bingley. Charlotte doesn’t end up with Mr. Collins. Elizabeth and Darcy’s story is altered too. This one is on Kindle Unlimited. It has some unique twists. I recommend it!

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