A Mate to Protect by Lilly Wilder

Next up was another reverse harem story, but in A Mate to Protect, it features dragon shifters, rather than gargoyles.

A quote from A Mate to Protect by Lilly Wilder

Candice Booker won the lottery, but the prize wasn’t money. No, the prize was a full Dragon Shifter Island experience. She didn’t have to pay for anything. This was fantastic timing as she had been laid off from her work a few weeks earlier.

A quote from A Mate to Protect by Lilly Wilder

She arrives by plane, not realizing how her life is going to change. The island isn’t just full of dragon shifters, but other shifters as well. Yet, the dragons were the ones in charge.

A Mate to Protect by Lilly Wilder

Brief Summary (while trying not to give everything away)

In A Mate to Protect, Candice meets Saxon, the heir apparent to the Bluebloods dragon shifter clan. Yet, she also meets Orion and Klyn. Boy, if the sparks don’t fly since Orion and Klyn are from a rival dragon shifter clan. Want to know more? Read it!


This book is a reverse harem. If you’re not sure what that is, just understand that Candice gets down and dirty with all three guys at same time almost every time. If you’re looking for steamy, you’ve found the right book. Candice is human, but totally ready and willing to mate with the dragon shifters. This one was just released in May. THIS ONE NO LONGER IS AVAILABLE ON AMAZON. Click below to see others by Lilly Wilder.

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