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A Page of Murder by Penny Brooke

Yet again, another book that I have no idea how I found. But A Page of Murder is on Kindle Unlimited and I had borrowed it so I decided to finally read it.

A quote from A Page of Murder by Penny Brooke

Rue Collier returns to Somerset Harbor to manage her grandmother’s bookstore. Her grandmother jets off to Paris to start her retirement. But little does Rue know that a mystery is lurking just around the corner.

A quote from A Page of Murder by Penny Brooke

On Rue’s first day running her grandmother’s bookstore, the baker next door visits at the end of the day. Rue has always gotten along with Anna, but Anna seems edgy on this visit.

A Page of Murder by Penny Brooke

Brief Summary (while trying not to give everything away)

In A Page of Murder, Somerset Harbor is in an uproar over the murder of the local baker Anna. Rue doesn’t want to be a part of the investigation, but she might be pulled in whether she wants to or not. Who did it? Will Rue be the next victim? Read the book and find out.


This one is available on Kindle Unlimited. I did like the book, but I didn’t rush out to find the next one on Kindle Unlimited to read it. It’s a good book with lots of world building. I will be eventually reading the rest of this series.

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