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A Splendidly Unsuitable Match by Jennifer Joy

I’m not at all sure how I found A Splendidly Unsuitable Match. But I had read a Jennifer Joy book before and liked it, so I was willing to try this one. And am I glad I did!

A quote from A Splendidly Unsuitable Match by Jennifer Joy

This variation starts changing things from the very beginning of canon. Colonel Fitzwilliam has been crossed in love. As a result, his parents ask Darcy and Bingley to help him come out of the doldrums. Bingley suggests that Darcy and Fitzwilliam accompany him to Netherfield. Both Darcy and Fitzwilliam also agree that Georgiana will travel with them.

A quote from A Splendidly Unsuitable Match by Jennifer Joy

On their travels to Netherfield, the carriages halt due to the refusal of Clarice the mule to move her owner’s cart. It seems Mrs. Hurst’s dog barked so loudly that it startled the mule. Mr. Darcy ends up on the wrong end of that exchange when Miss Elizabeth, Miss Bennet, and Miss Lucas arrive.

A Splendidly Unsuitable Match by Jennifer Joy

Brief Summary (while trying not to give everything away)

In A Splendidly Unsuitable Match, Colonel Fitzwilliam and Georgiana change things in all sorts of ways that I had never imagined possible. I should mention that there is no Mr. Collins in this one. Read and find out how our dear couple manages to get together in this one!


A Splendidly Unsuitable Match is a different variation of Pride and Prejudice than I’m used to. There is very little angst in this one, which is always a good thing in my mind. It is on Kindle Unlimited.

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