A Viscount to Conspire by Wendy May Andrews

After all A Duke to Elude, I had to continue with the Sherton sisters. Next up is A Viscount to Conspire. It’s the next oldest sister’s story.

A quote from A Viscount to Conspire by Wendy May Andrews

Lady Hilaria is the second eldest daughter of the Earl of Sherton. Although most of the Ton believe that her sister Rosabel said that she would wed a Duke, in fact that was Hilaria. We actually find out why Hilaria wants to marry a duke in this book.

A quote from A Viscount to Conspire by Wendy May Andrews

Camden Eastwood is a lowly viscount. This means that he’s out of the running for Hilaria’s hand in marriage. BUT he concocts a plan as he’s trying to get his overbearing mother to leave him alone.

A Viscount to Conspire by Wendy May Andrews

Brief Summary (while trying not to give everything away)

In the book A Viscount to Conspire, Camden suggests a plan to Hilaria, much like Simon and Daphne in Julia Quinn’s The Duke and I. Camden will get his mother off his back while he’s sure to not fall for Hilaria. After all, she’s totally unsuitable with her designs to marry a duke. What will happen? Read this one to find out!


This one is on Kindle Unlimited. It’s the second of a series and such a good one. This is a clean, sweet regency romance. I loved the dynamics between the sisters. Camden’s mother was a character for sure in this one.

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