All You Need is a Duke by Bianca Blythe

After Penny and Emery, I went back to my Kindle Unlimited books to see what I had in my list. I found All You Need is a Duke. The blurb was so intriguing that I simply had to read it.

A quote from All You Need is a Duke by Bianca Blythe

Margaret Carberry is a wallflower. While she would like to get married, she’s also content with staying on the sidelines. Her mother, however, has other plans. During the Duke of Jevington’s party, Margaret’s mother schemes with one of his maids and ties Margaret to the Duke’s bed. After all, if she’s there, it’s sure to be a compromising position.

A quote from All You Need is a Duke by Bianca Blythe

Jasper Tierney, the Duke of Jevington, walks into his bedroom and is shocked to discover a woman tied to his bed. Margaret implores him to release her. She vows she was not part of the scheme and hides when her mother comes into the room. Margaret actually climbs out the window to escape her mother’s machinations.

All You Need is a Duke by Bianca Blythe

Brief Summary (while trying not to give everything away)

In the book All You Need is a Duke, after Margaret escapes, Jasper vows to find Margaret a husband. He is friends after all with all the unmarried dukes. Jasper even goes so far as to invite her to his country home for the weekend with all the unmarried dukes. Who will ensnare her heart? Read this one to find out!


This one is on Kindle Unlimited. It’s the start of a series, but I haven’t continued the series as of yet. I will try to go back and read more.

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