Bears With Me by Sam Hall

Bears With Me is the second of the Ursa Shifter duo that started with Bears in Mind. I was so thankful that this one came out on April 1st as I was dying to find out what happened next!

A quote from Bears With Me by Sam Hall

Paul, Natalie’s soon-to-be ex, shot Koda at the end of Bears in Mind. This one starts off with Koda in the hospital. The parents of all the “boys” show up and get the opportunity to meet Natalie.

A quote from Bears With Me by Sam Hall

Natalie determines that Paul must be taken care of in order for them to be able to live and not look over their shoulder. Plus, she wants to figure out why Paul wants her to sign over the rights to their house.

Bears With Me by Sam Hall

Brief Summary (while trying not to give everything away)

In Bears With Me, Natalie must determine whether or not she’s ready to be the mate of the sleuth. While she couldn’t have children with Paul, Natalie can have children with the sleuth if that is what she wants. Will that be her choice?


If you’re a fan of fantasy stories with shifters, then you need to read this one. While they are all bears, they are different species of bears. There is a set of twins in this one- Thorn and Koda. It is a reverse harem story. This is on Kindle Unlimited. I’m so glad this is the end of Natalie’s story. We can read it all now. Trust me, you’ll want to catch the ending of this one!

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