Bed of Roses by Nora Roberts

So I continued right along with the next book in the Bride Quartet and read Bed of Roses. The couple in this one was hinted at in Vision in White. I had forgotten quite a bit about this one.

A quote from Bed of Roses by Nora Roberts

Jack Cooke met Delaney Brown (Parker’s brother) while attending Yale. He decided to make his home in Greenwich. Jack is an architect, who has done a lot of work for Vows from converting the pool house to Mac’s studio to designing space for Emma.

A quote from Bed of Roses by Nora Roberts

Emmaline Grant is a romantic through and through. Her parents gave her an excellent example of timeless love so she’s on the search for it. She’s the florist for all of the Vows events.

Bed of Roses by Nora Roberts

Brief Summary (while trying not to give everything away)

In Bed of Roses, Emma gets talked into going out. But on her way home, her car breaks down. Luckily, Jack comes by and is able to give her a jump, but not before sharing an almost moment under the hood.

Jack has always had a thing for Emma, but refused to do anything because of his best friend, Del. Emma thought that Jack and Mac had been a thing at one point, so she was following the rule of no exes of her best friends. Boy, did the sparks fly when Jack finally just kissed Emma.


As all Nora Roberts’ books, I asbolutely love these. I adore her trilogies and quartets the most. This is the second of the Bride Quartet and it was wonderful to revisit them again. If you haven’t read this and you’re a sucker for romances, you need to read it. It’s a fantastic story.

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And in case you hadn’t figured it out, my plan for 2021 is to write a blog post for each book I read. Last year, I read 150 books. We’ll see how I do this year.

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