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Broom and Gloom by Sara Bourgeois

After Broom and Board, I just kept right on rolling and continued on to Broom and Gloom. I had borrowed this complete series in one book through Kindle Unlimited. That made it easy to keep right on reading.

A quote from Broom and Gloom by Sara Bourgeois

Brighton Longfield is now engaged to Remy Skeenbauer. Yes, the feud is ending. After working at the Inn in the last book, Brighton wants to open a bed and breakfast. She decides to do that at Hangman’s House.

A quote from Broom and Gloom by Sara Bourgeois

At the beginning of Broom and Gloom, Meri and Brighton go into the basement to try to close the portal that demons keep coming from, but it backfires. Brighton and Meri end up falling through the portal, catching the attention of some demons.

Broom and Gloom by Sara Bourgeois

Brief Summary (while trying not to give everything away)

In Broom and Gloom, the Hangman’s House makes it very clear that it has no desire to be a bed and breakfast. Remy suggests that Brighton build bungalows behind the house for the B & B. Brighton plans a big Halloween party, but by the end of the night, Remy is found holding a knife over one of the guests. Did Remy do it? What does the new sheriff think? Well, read it and see!


This one is available on Kindle Unlimited. Broom and Gloom is a light, cute, cozy, paranormal mystery. If you love a cozy mystery with magic involved, you’ll like this one. This one is short as well.

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