Burned by Magic by Jasmine Walt

I’m not quite sure how I found Burned by Magic. I think it might have been a Facebook ad or a Kindle ad. As I was in the mood for a fantasy story, I jumped right in.

A quote from Burned by Magic by Jasmine Walt

Sunaya Baine is a shifter-mage hybrid. Nobody really knows that she’s a hybrid as she’s kept her magic under control. That is, until she chases down a shifter-hunting serial killer.

A quote from Burned by Magic by Jasmine Walt

Enter Iannis ar’Sannin, the Chief Mage. Other Enforcers arrested Sunaya for using magic to kill someone. The normal sentence is execution. However, Sunaya’s friend Comenius speaks up at her trial and suggests that Sunaya be allowed to appeal to the Chief Mage because she committed an act of magic worthy of a mage.

Burned by Magic by Jasmine Walt

Brief Summary (while trying not to give everything away)

In Burned by Magic, Sunaya gets a reprieve from the Chief Mage. She must learn about how to use her magic, but he’s going to teach her.


If you’re a fan of fantasy stories and love shifter and magic stories, then you need to read this one. This is the first of a series that centers around Sunaya. I haven’t read beyond this one, but it is on my TBR. This is on Kindle Unlimited.

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My plan for 2022 is to write three blog posts a week- one about a fantasy book, one about a mystery book, and one about a romance book (with some posts about series thrown in). This one is a fantasy so if you’re a fantasy lover, then you’ll want to check it out!

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