Caged by Karina Espinosa

After reading Shift, I continued on with the series, reading Caged. I wanted to know what happened with Mackenzie. Was she able to escape with the help of the vampire? I had to find out.

A quote from Caged by Karina Espinosa

Mackenzie Grey learned that by not caging her wolf, she was able to control the shift so much easier. When she escapes from Brooklyn, she makes her way west. Yes, she goes on a vision quest like it was suggested in Shift.

A quote from Caged by Karina Espinosa

Caged starts off with Mackenzie working in Los Angeles with a vampire. She works with the LAPD, working with supernatural creatures. Because she finds a half siren, half shifter girl, Mackenzie decides to return east.

Caged by Karina Espinosa

Brief Summary (while trying not to give everything away)

In Caged, Mackenzie discovers her heritage. Now everyone wants a piece of her. Will she manage to stay a lone wolf or will she be forced into a cage?


If you like strong female characters, then you’ll want to read this one. Don’t go in expecting a romance with this one. There are multiple romantic interests for Mackenzie, but there’s no resolution in this one.

Mackenzie Grey: Origins is a series that is available on Kindle Unlimited. There are four books in this series. More books are available about Mackenzie. There are 12 in all.

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