Count on Me by Koko Heart

I’ve been waiting since I read The Forever Kind to read Count on Me. I knew, just knew that Koko Heart would not let me down by teasing Jaxson Brady and his bestie Edie without giving us their story. And she did give us their story!

A quote from Count on Me by Koko Heart

Jaxson Brady is a soccer player, excuse the American, a professional footballer. He’s playing over in the UK for Hampstead Heath. One of his teammates is Antony Marcello from The Forever Kind. Yes, there are Cooper sister sightings (including Marcus!) in this.

A quote from Count on Me by Koko Heart

Edie Bishop is Jaxson’s best friend. They’ve known each other since they were eight years old, even though she’s from London and he’s from Syracuse, NY.

Count on Me by Koko Heart

Brief Summary (while trying not to give everything away)

In Count on Me, Jaxson and Edie dance around each other for years. Both are in love with the other, but they refuse to step up for various reasons. What will finally get them to act?


This is on Kindle Unlimited. Koko Heart has a great start to her next series. She has set up a couple of future books with this one. I have to know the story between Angie and Jensen. Did I sense a possible connection between Penny and Lockheart? I loved that Edie’s other best friend was Angie as that’s the name of my college best friend who passed away shortly after we graduated. My only complaint about this book is that I wanted to shake both of the main characters and tell them to get their sh– together.

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