Dancing with Danger by Kerrigan Byrne

Dancing with Danger is the third in the Goode Girl series. This one picks up several months or more after where Courting Trouble left off. This one is also on Kindle Unlimited.

A quote from Dancing with Danger by Kerrigan Byrne

Mercy Goode is one of the twin daughters of a Baron, who is also a police commissioner. While she’s the outgoing, fearless twin, she and her twin Felicity have plans to stay together and never marry.

A quote from Dancing with Danger by Kerrigan Byrne

We first met Raphael Sauvegeau in Courting Trouble. It was his and his brother’s gold that Honoria found at the end. Raphael spotted Mercy then, but didn’t act on anything.

Dancing with Danger by Kerrigan Byrne

Brief Summary (while trying not to give everything away)

In the book Dancing With Danger, Mercy fancies herself an amateur sleuth. The book opens with her at a crime scene. She elucidates why she considers it a murder to the constable, who does not value her input at all. Then with the Detective Inspector arrives, he proceeds to dismiss all of Mercy’s ideas. He becomes so rude to her that she slaps him. That slap causes him to arrest Mercy, along with Raphael as he leapt to defend her. But what will happen now? Read this one to find out!


Dancing with Danger is on Kindle Unlimited. I had to return to the Goode Girls and read about Mercy and Felicity (yes, she’s up next). This one is good and the next one even better…

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