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Darcy’s Omega by Emma East

I kept right on with my Pride & Prejudice binge read with Darcy’s Omega. This is a short quick read. It’s a story of 122 pages. Now I’ll admit I had no idea what I was getting into with an Omegaverse book. Omegaverse was not part of my lexicon yet, so I went into the story blind.

A quote from Darcy's Omega by Emma East

So before I get to the actual story, let me explain the Omegaverse as I understand it. Evidently it started due to some Supernatural fans. People are divided into three designations: alpha, beta, and omega. Alphas are what you would expect: domineering, overprotective, possessive. Omegas, depending on the story you read, can range from cherished and loving to simpering, arrogant, and submissive. How does that come into play within the Pride & Prejudice universe?

A quote from Darcy's Omega by Emma East

In Darcy’s Omega, Mr. Darcy is an alpha, much like you would expect. Mr. Bennet is also an alpha. However, everyone else is a beta, for the most part, or at least thinks they are.

Darcy's Omega by Emma East

Brief Summary (while trying not to give everything away)

In Darcy’s Omega, Bingley alerts Darcy to an omega at the Meryton assembly. Omegas in this universe are like sirens to alphas, especially when they are coming into heat during the full moon. The night after the assembly is a full moon. While Darcy tries to evade Miss Elizabeth, the omega ensnares his senses, leading him to do his best to ensure her comfort. But what if Elizabeth doesn’t know that she’s an omega?


Darcy’s Omega is a short novella. It’s great for if you are trying to meet a reading goal. Most of the action focuses on Darcy, Elizabeth, and Mr Bennet. Jane and Bingley do appear more than most. This is NOT on Kindle Unlimited.

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