Darkmoon by Christine Pope

Please finish reading Darknight before reading this post as Darkmoon picks up shortly after where Darknight leaves off. I can’t write about this one without giving spoilers for the first one.

A quote from Darkmoon by Christine Pope

Angela McAllister is the prima for the McAllister clan. She bonded with her consort Connor Wilcox, but the Wilcoxes are viewed as evil by most of the McAllister clan. How can she balance her love for her consort and still be the prima for her clan?

A quote from Darkmoon by Christine Pope

Connor Wilcox is now the Wilcox primus. He and Angela (well, Angela, mostly) had to kill his brother Damon because he had strayed too far into the darker magics. At the end of Darknight, he told Angela that he didn’t think that they were going to work due to her killing his brother. Angela left to go back to her clan.

Darkmoon by Christine Pope

Brief Summary (while trying not to give everything away)

In Darkmoon, Angela and Connor are separated. But what happens when she finds herself pregnant? Will she tell Connor? What about the Wilcox curse? Read it and see.


This book is not part of Kindle Unlimited, but it is worth the money. If you like witches, supernatural powers, etc, this is a book you should check out. It has a very good story and plotline. And yes, there are more books in this series and these lead to the Witches of Wheeler Park series.

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