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Destiny of Ashes by Tessa Hale

Finally, finally, Destiny of Ashes, the last in the series after Legacy of Shadows came out. I had to read it as soon as possible, but I had so many books coming out at the same time. Still, there was such a cliffhanger!

A quote from Destiny of Ashes by Tessa Hale

At the end of Anchor of Secrets, Leighton is captured and held underwater by her mother. The block that was on her magic is now gone. Her magic saved her from her mother. But of course, someone questions what happened to her mom.

A quote from Destiny of Ashes by Tessa Hale

The guys have to save Leighton from drowning. They do this by finally bonding with her, even though it’s against what the Council decreed. The bond brings her anchor mark to the fore, but she also has another mark- that of a phoenix.

Destiny of Ashes by Tessa Hale

Brief Summary (while trying not to give everything away)

In Destiny of Ashes, the guys must rescue Leighton again. She must work to control her magic and the magic of the guys, because she gains some of the abilities of the guys. Who will this one end? Read it and see.


This concludes Leighton’s story, but sets up the next series. I didn’t like the ending of this as much. It seemed rushed and a lot of the trials they went through seemed repetitive. But a major plus, it’s on Kindle Unlimited. And you’ll want to read the conclusion.

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