Destiny with a Duke by Alexa Aston

After finishing Sin & Spirit, I went back to the Dukes Done Wrong series as Destiny with a Duke was just released. As much as I wanted to know what would happen next with Kieran and Alexis, I had to know Finch’s story even more.

A quote from Destiny with a Duke by Alexa Aston

At the age of ten, five boys are banished from their homes, sent to live at Turner Academy. All five are the younger sons of dukes.

Destiny with a Duke is the story of William Finchley. Unlike all of the other Turner Terrors, Finch never told his story about how he came to be at Turner Academy. Instead of going off to the army like the other four, Finch becomes a vicar. But when his brother commits suicide, Finch becomes a Duke. Of course his friends expect him to attend the season and find a wife.

A quote from Destiny with a Duke by Alexa Aston

Victoria Samuel, also known as Lady Pemberton, returns to experience the season. She’s looking for a husband who can give her children as her late husband did not. Yet, she’s up against the new debutantes and her husband died in a scandal.

Destiny with a Duke by Alexa Aston

Brief Summary (while trying not to give everything away)

In the book Destiny with a Duke, what happens when Finch meets Victoria? While he might as well be a priest, he does fall for Victoria. He just doesn’t think he deserves her. Will he decide to let her make that determination or is he going to leave her? Read and find out!


This one is on Kindle Unlimited. All of these are so good. All of the other Turner Terrors are present in this one. I highly recommend these if you are a fan of historical romances.

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