Don’t Flatter Yourself by Sydney Salier

Since I had just read An Unconventional Education, I thought that I had read something by this author before. When I looked on my Kindle, sure enough, Don’t Flatter Yourself by this author was on there. But I was having a hard time remembering the storyline, so I decided to read it again.

A quote from Don't Flatter Yourself by Sydney Salier

Elizabeth Bennet is a very different character in this one by Sydney Salier. Elizabeth’s mother was the daughter of a Duke, who was forced to marry an Earl, even though she was in love with Mr. Bennet. The result of the marriage to the Earl was Lady Elizabeth. Fortunately, for Lady Francine Fellmar, her husband died on the way to his mistress.

Mr. Bennet has also married- yet another woman named Francine, Miss Francine Gardiner. They had Jane. Mrs. Bennet died, leaving Mr. Bennet a widow. Lady Francine moved to her estate, Netherfield after her husband’s passing.

After their mourning period was over, Lady Francine and Mr. Bennet married and had three girls of their own. But interestingly enough, Lady Francine’s favorite daughter is Jane and Mr. Bennet’s is Elizabeth.

A quote from Don't Flatter Yourself by Sydney Salier

As is traditional in the Pride and Prejudice variations, Mr Darcy arrives in Meryton with Mr. Bingley. He does not know about Elizabeth’s connections or wealth as the family has chosen to not disclose the true amount of the dowries of each girl. He acts very similarly to how he does in the original Pride and Prejudice.

Don't Flatter Yourself by Sydney Salier

Brief Summary (while trying not to give everything away)

In Don’t Flatter Yourself, Mr Darcy’s first insult is not ignored by Lady Elizabeth. Overhearing his remark, Elizabeth responds with ‘don’t flatter yourself.’ She quite squarely places Darcy in his place.

After being put in his place, Darcy does his best to make amends. Caroline Bingley rears her ugly head in this one more than once.


Don’t Flatter Yourself is well worth the read. Even though this one is available on Kindle Unlimited, I actually purchased a copy of my own. I did enjoy it. While there is a sequel and even a prequel, I haven’t read those yet.

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