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Elizabeth Bennet’s Inheritance by Laraba Kendig

I adore Pride & Prejudice variations. I read a lot of them, but I don’t always blog about them unless they present something really different. Elizabeth Bennet’s Inheritance is one such variation.

A quote from Elizabeth Bennet's Inheritance by Laraba Kendig

While Jane is in London after Christmas, Elizabeth receives a letter from her Aunt Gardiner, telling her that Aunt Gardiner’s aunt died. Elizabeth corresponded with that aunt for many years. The next day her uncle arrives with the news that Elizabeth inherited a fortune from that aunt. Yes, now Elizabeth has a fortune of seventy thousand pounds.

A quote from Elizabeth Bennet's Inheritance by Laraba Kendig

Once the news gets out about Elizabeth’s inheritance, she is inundated with callers, those of the gentleman variety. Of course, that includes Wickham, who switches his allegiance to Elizabeth from Mary King. Elizabeth repudiates Wickham for this change.

Elizabeth Bennet's Inheritance by Laraba Kendig

Brief Summary (while trying not to give everything away)

In Elizabeth Bennet’s Inheritance, Elizabeth learns why Darcy created his mask as she deals with those who want her only for her money. But when Darcy and Elizabeth spend more time together, will her feelings for him change?


Elizabeth Bennet’s Inheritance has many changes to canon, including Jane and Bingley’s story as well as Lydia and Wickham’s. This variation is highly imaginative. I recommend reading it. It is on Kindle Unlimited.

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