Finch Merlin and the Fount of Youth by Bella Forrest

If you’ve read Harley Merlin and the Mortal Pact, you know that her half-brother Finch made a deal with Erebus in return for Erebus killing Katherine. Well, in Finch Merlin and the Fount of Youth, we discover that it’s been a year since Katherine’s death.

A quote from Finch Merlin and the Fount of Youth by Bella Forrest

At the end of the Mortal Pact, Harley had cleared her father’s name. Most everyone made it through the Katherine ordeal. But now it’s Finch’s turn since he has to play errand boy for Erebus.

A quote from Finch Merlin and the Fount of Youth by Bella Forrest

This book goes back and forth between Finch and Garrett. Finch is being sent on an errand by Erebus, but he doesn’t want to let Harley know about it at all.

Finch Merlin and the Fount of Youth by Bella Forrest

Brief Summary (while trying not to give everything away)

Finch Merlin and the Fount of Youth begins with Finch in Cuba, trying to get information out of Ponce de Leon’s ghost. BUT Erebus didn’t tell Finch that Ponce is not just a regular ghost, but a poltergeist! Luckily, Finch is able to get away and back to the SDC infirmary. Finch knows that he needs help, but he refuses to ask Harley for it.

Tatyana’s little sister has come to the SDC on an exchange program. With her and Garrett helping Finch, how can anything go wrong? And did I mention that Ryann, Harley’s adoptive sister is now working at the SDC and Finch might just like that? Want to know what else happens? Read the book!


Thanks to Kayla for recommending this series to me. I absolutely love this series. This one was a great start to a story arc about Finch with some twists that I didn’t see coming. Check it out! If you like magic where people can control different elements, then this one is for you! Finch Merlin and the Fount of Youth is available on Kindle Unlimited.

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