Finding Home by Emilia Finn

There are a few people in my life that can recommend a book and I’ll instantly add it to my TBR list. Finding Home was one of those books as my sister recommended it to me.

A quote from Finding Home by Emilia Finn

Catherine (better known as Kit) Reilly loses her father at the beginning of the book. She had already lost her mom when she was younger. This leaves her with a 15-year-old brother to raise. But her brother gets into quite a bit of trouble, creating headaches for Kit.

A quote from Finding Home by Emilia Finn

Bobby Kincaid is a MMA fighter. He, along with his two brothers and best friend, owns a fight gym. Bobby doesn’t think he has time for a relationship so he typically is only interested in a one night stand.

Finding Home by Emilia Finn

Brief Summary (while trying not to give everything away)

In Finding Home, Kit and Bobby meet at a club. Sparks fly, but when Kit sees her baby brother, drunk in the parking lot- well, things get a little dicey. They meet again when Jack, her baby brother, wants to check out the fight gym that his friend Michael started attending. Will the sparks continue to fly? Read it and find out.


This one is on Kindle Unlimited and definitely worth the read. Kit and Bobby’s story continues in Finding Victory. There are more books in the series after Finding Victory that tell the stories of the other guys, including the last one that is about Jack.

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