Five Ways to Find the Perfect Book to Read Next

Over the years, trying to find the perfect book to read next hasn’t been the easiest. I’ve been reading since the age of four, which means over forty years now. It’s hard to find me without a book within arm’s reach. After all, we have eight bookcases in my house. Those don’t include the books I get from the library as well as those on my Kindle. Yes, I’m a bit of a bibliophile. Why else would I be a thesis (yeah, I never finished it) away from a Master’s in literature? But please don’t think that I only read the classics. I read almost anything I can put my hands on.

Honestly, the hardest part about being a reader is finding the next book to read (unless, of course, you’re like me with a To Be Read list a mile high). Here are my five ways to find the perfect book.

How to find the perfect book- New Release by Favorite Author
New Release by Favorite Author

1. New Release by a Favorite Author-

A new release by a favorite author is sure to be a perfect book, right? I’m on newsletters for some of my favorite authors, which let me know when they are coming out. I also get notifications from Amazon when some of my favorites are releasing something new, like February 9, 2021 when the next In Death book by J.D. Robb (Faithless in Death) comes out. Facebook groups or pages by some of my favorites also let me know when the next book is coming out.

How to find the perfect book- New Find by Favorite Author
New Find by Favorite Author

2. New Find from a Favorite Author-

So what exactly is a new find? When you discover a book written by a favorite author that you knew nothing about. For instance, back in 2001, when I discovered that J.D. Robb was Nora Roberts just writing under another name, I suddenly had a new set of books to read.

How to find the perfect book- Book Recommendation by a Friend
Book Recommendations by a Friend

3. Book Recommendations by a Friend-

After reading an author I already know I love, the best way for me to find a new book- a recommendation from a friend. Now you must be careful who you trust when it comes to recommendations. After all, you don’t want to get involved in a book and discover that it’s the middle book of a series or something, right?

I have a group of friends who love books like I do and who I trust to give me good recommendations. For instance, my friend Tracy is the one who first told me about the Harry Potter series. I fell in love with the series so much that I even became a fanfiction writer for it. Tracy has only ever steered me wrong on one series of books. Really, the books weren’t bad, just I wasn’t a fan of the characters. For once, I preferred a show to the books.

How to find the perfect book- Amazon Recommendations
Amazon Recommendations

4. Amazon Recommendations-

Amazon’s way of figuring out books that I’ll like can sometimes be uncanny. After all, I’m very eclectic with what I read and yet, it can nail what I’ll like easily. Sometimes it worries me how well the technology works, but then I go back to reading.

How to find the perfect book- Reading the Blurb on the Back of the Book
Reading the Blurb on the Back of the Book

5. Reading the Blurb on the Back of the Book-

While I don’t judge a book by its cover, I will judge it by the blurb on the back. If it doesn’t interest me after that, there’s no hope. Of course, occasionally, I can be drawn in just by the title, like Anna Bennett’s First Earl I See Tonight. Whenever an author plays with words like that, I just can’t resist.

What about you? How do you choose a book to read?

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