Fused in Fire by K.F. Breene

Fused in Fire is the next book in the Demon Days, Vampire Nights series. I had to see what was going to happen next with Reagan and Darius. Would Darius even feature in this one? What about the demon from the last one? Did he make it back alive?

A quote from Fused in Fire by K. F. Breene

In this world, there are witches and warlocks, mages, shifters (weredogs, etc), merpeople, vampires, and demons. Reagan Somerset is the daughter of Lucifer and a high mage who descended from gods. This makes her powerful and valuable.

A quote from Fused in Fire by K. F. Breene

Darius Durant is a vampire, an elder vampire, which means he’s been around a very long time. He stole Reagan’s bounty by taking her mark from her in the first book. Darius wants to bond with Reagan, but she’s denying him on all fronts up until now.

Fused in Fire by K. F. Breene

Brief Summary (while trying not to give everything away)

In Fused in Fire, Darius, along with Callie and Dizzy, are training Reagan to use the ice side of her powers. But they discover that the demon made it back to the underworld with knowledge of Reagan. It seems that the demons are going to come for Reagan. Reagan decides that she must go into the underworld and defeat them all there. Darius, of course, doesn’t want to let her go alone. What will happen? Read it and see!


This book is on Kindle Unlimited. If you like witches, supernatural powers, etc, this is a book you should check out. There are more books in this series. Yes, I will keep reading.

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