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Happier Than We Deserve by Melissa Halcomb

I’m a mood reader and I got into the mood to read Pride & Prejudice variations. I had read a P & P variation by Melissa Halcomb before so when I saw Happier Than We Deserve, I had to read it.

A quote from Happier Than We Deserve by Melissa Halcomb

Shortly after Elizabeth was born, Thomas Bennet received a letter from his maternal uncle. His uncle died and left him everything, which turned out to be quite a bit of money. Thomas’s uncle implored him to take care of his girls so he invested with his brother-in-law. Mr Bennet set aside quite a bit of money, never telling Mrs. Bennet about any of it.

A quote from Happier Than We Deserve by Melissa Halcomb

Mr. Bennet dies in January, which causes Jane to leave London shortly after seeing Miss Bingley and Mrs Hurst for who they really are. At the reading of the will, the Bennet women learn how very different life will be than they expected. Jane inherits Netherfield. Elizabeth inherits a cottage by the sea. Jane and Elizabeth together inherit a house in London. Each of the Bennet women have a significant sum bestowed upon them, but they can not access their money until their majority.

Happier Than We Deserve by Melissa Halcomb

Brief Summary (while trying not to give everything away)

In Happier Than We Deserve, Jane becomes more forceful and works to ensure her family becomes respectable. Mrs. Bennet gets a suitor of her own. How will Mr Darcy behave when he discovers that Mr Bennet has died?


Happier Than We Deserve has many changes to the canon, including no visit to Hunsford since Mr Collins and Charlotte now live in Longbourn. If you like a unique variation to Pride & Prejudice, I recommend reading this one. It is on Kindle Unlimited.

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