Harley Merlin and the Secret Coven by Bella Forrest

My friend Kayla said she would read Pippa Grant’s books, if I would read the Harley Merlin’s. Since they are all on Kindle Unlimited, of course I said yes. The first book in the rather long series is Harley Merlin and the Secret Coven.

A quote from Harley Merlin and the Secret Coven by Bella Forrest

Harley Smith, as we first know her, is an orphan. She grew up (or at least ended up) in San Diego. Harley works for a casino, spotting card counters and those trying to cheat the system. Even though she’s only 19, she can gamble because she’s not really gambling. Harley gets a portion of whatever the cheaters forfeit. But Harley has a secret or two. She’s an Empath, which helps her read the people at the casino table. And she might be able to move some things with her mind.

A quote from Harley Merlin and the Secret Coven by Bella Forrest

Wade Crowley is a warlock, not that Harley knows that when she meets him. He walks into the casino and orders water with lime. Wade disappears on Harley, but once she leaves work, he shows up once more while Harley is battling a gargoyle.

Harley Merlin and the Secret Coven by Bella Forrest

Brief Summary (while trying not to give everything away)

In Harley Merlin and the Secret Coven, Harley discovers there are others out there like her, who can do unusual things. Now that she’s been exposed, she has to meet with the San Diego coven. But maybe, just maybe they will be able to help her control her powers.

An interesting cast of characters emerge once Harley is introduced to the coven. There’s a rivalry of sorts between Wade and Garrett. What will happen and what exactly is a gargoyle? Just read it and see!


I’m so glad Kayla recommended this one to me. I love it and will be reading the second later today. If you like magic where people can control different elements, then this one is for you! Harley Merlin and the Secret Coven is no longer available on Kindle Unlimited. Now Bella Forrest books can be purchased on their website.

And in case you hadn’t figured it out, my plan for 2021 is to write a blog post for each book I read. Last year, I read 150 books. We’ll see how I do this year.

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