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Heart Enough by Amy D’Orazio

Obviously, I continued right on with my Pride and Prejudice variations binge with Heart Enough. (I’m telling you I’m not sure why I went through so many, but luckily most are on Kindle Unlimited.) This one is available on Kindle Unlimited.

A quote from Heart Enough by Amy D'Orazio

This variation starts after Lady Catherine comes to visit Elizabeth. Unlike in canon, Elizabeth agrees to what Lady Catherine says, just to get her to leave and not antagonize her since she is a relative of Mr Darcy. However, as a result, Mr Darcy takes that as confirmation that there’s no way that Elizabeth will ever care for him.

A quote from Heart Enough by Amy D'Orazio

When next Darcy and Elizabeth meet, Darcy is now engaged to Anne. Elizabeth, of course, is heartbroken. She is spending time with her aunt and uncle Gardiner when she meets Lady Berkeley. The lady is getting ready to travel to the continent and is looking for a companion. Elizabeth decides to go with her and travel around the continent since she expects Mr. Darcy to be married any time.

Heart Enough by Amy D'Orazio

Brief Summary (while trying not to give everything away)

In Heart Enough, Elizabeth spends two years on the continent before returning. What all has changed in the time she has been gone?


Heart Enough is a short novella of only 98 pages. This one is on Kindle Unlimited. I do recommend it, especially for anyone looking for a quick read to finish their reading challenge for the month or year.

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My plan for 2021 was to write a blog post for each book I read. This is the thirty-fifth book of December. Just five more- getting closer to the end…

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