Home for Christmas by Nora Roberts

Home for Christmas is a novella that was originally published in 1987 by Nora Roberts. So keep that in mind if you read it because boy, have some things changed. I think I found this as a deal through Book Gorilla. This was a new to me Nora Roberts as I had never read it before (which is amazing because I’ve been reading her for a LONG time!).

A quote from Home for Christmas by Nora Roberts

This is an unusual Nora story in that it’s mostly told from the male point of view, instead of the female main character. Jason Law left Quiet Valley to make his way in the world as a reporter. He returns home after 10 years for Christmas. While he’s accomplished most of his dreams, there’s one that has been left unfulfilled.

A quote from Home for Christmas by Nora Roberts

Faith Monroe is the girl Jason left behind. While Faith wanted to go with him, Jason refused to allow her to come. Within six months, Faith married someone else.

Home for Christmas by Nora Roberts

Brief Summary (while trying not to give everything away)

In Home For Christmas, it’s ten years since Jason has been in Quiet Valley. As much as things seem the same, there are things that are very different. Jason meets Faith’s daughter, Clara almost as soon as he sets foot in town. Will Jason and Faith have a second chance at love? Read it and find out.


If you’re going to read this one, just remember that it’s an oldie and it’s a novella. Don’t expect it to be like Nora’s current writing style. She has evolved over the years. Plus, a lot of our technology that we have now was NOT available then. I do recommend this for a quick, sweet read. This is no longer available on its own. It’s now available on Kindle with another oldie- All I Want for Christmas.

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