Illusions by Christine Pope

Illusions is an unusual story in that it is one that you can only get when you join Christine Pope’s email list. It’s one of her instant freebies. This is a prequel to Darkangel.

A quote from Illusions by Christine Pope

Damon Wilcox is the primus of the Wilcox clan. He’s searching for a way to break the curse on the Wilcoxes. He has the idea to bond with Angela McAllister, the next prima of the McAllister clan. But he needs his brother to help him.

A quote from Illusions by Christine Pope

Connor Wilcox is the younger brother of the Wilcox primus. He has an unusual magic. He can create an illusion to look like someone else. Connor can’t change his height or build, but he can change his coloring. It is that skill that Damon needs in order to get close to Angela.

 Illusions by Christine Pope

Brief Summary (while trying not to give everything away)

In Illusions, which is a very short story, we discover that Connor has been dreaming of Angela for years, but it’s not until he sees all of the photos that Damon has of Angela that he realizes that the girl in his dreams is Angela. Will the McAllisters see through Connor’s disguise? Read it and see.


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