In the Arms of an Earl by Rose Pearson

The last in the series is In the Arms of the Earl. It features Lady Harmonia, the youngest of the sisters. Ever since the first book, she’s been pursued by their cousin, Luke. But is he the one for her?

A quote from In the Arms of an Earl by Rose Pearson

Lady Harmonia is the youngest daughter of the Duke of Westbrook. Their cousin Luke pursues her even now, just like he did when Lady Amelia was searching for a husband. Yet, Harmonia does not love Luke.

A quote from In the Arms of an Earl by Rose Pearson

Harmonia feels like Luke may be her only suitor. Her sister Lady Amelia reassures her that it will not be the case. When Harmonia goes to the first ball of the season, her eye catches the blue eyes of a gentleman.

In the Arms of an Earl by Rose Pearson

Brief Summary (while trying not to give everything away)

In the book In the Arms of an Earl, Harmonia sees a blue eyed gentleman at her first ball of the season, but fails to be introduced, due to her cousin Luke arriving for their dance. Luke insists that Harmonia will marry him. Even though she has no desire whatsoever for that to happen, Luke continues to persist. The Earl of Newford runs into Harmonia in the park when she’s trying to escape her cousin. The couple continue to run into one another.

Will it be the Earl of Newford for Harmonia or will it be cousin Luke? Read this one to find out!


In the Arms of an Earl is on Kindle Unlimited. If you like historical romances, it’s worth reading. This is a very clean romance. Don’t go in expecting hot sexy times because this isn’t one of those.

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