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Jared by Alisa Woods- the Final Book in the Series

Next up in my reading was Jared by Alisa Woods. It’s the finale of the Riverwise Private Security series. Each book’s title is the name of a River brother. This one picks up right where Jace left off.

Jared by Alisa Woods, paranormal romance
Jared talking to Grace

Jared River is the oldest brother of Jaxson and Jace. He’s a wolf shifter, who was a Marine sharpshooter before being discharged. His mate died in a car accident while he was overseas. He feels broken and numb before meeting Grace.

Jared by Alisa Woods, paranormal romance
Piper talking to Jace

Grace Krepky is a woman with a secret. She’s the campaign manager of her father’s Senator reelection campaign. He’s using shifter issues as a pillar of his campaign platform, but Grace just can’t let that happen.

Jared by Alisa Woods

Brief Summary (while trying not to give everything away)

Jared goes to Senator Krepky’s house to kill him, but Jared spots Grace and her father arguing. While Jared is willing to go to jail for killing the senator, he refuses to do it in front of his daughter. Yet, Grace stops him again from killing the senator, simply by shifting in her room. She’s a shifter and that adds a whole new element to everything.


Jared by Alisa Woods was well-written. I loved that the storyline just continued straight from Jace (and yes, there’s more than I said in my summary, but you’ll have to read it to find out!). It has good action- both in physical as well as sexual. While Alisa Woods has created a complete world with more after this, I think I’ll be switching genres next. I will circle back around to this though!

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And in case you hadn’t figured it out, my plan for 2021 is to write a blog post for each book I read. Last year, I read 150 books. We’ll see how I do this year.

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