Logan by Nyssa Kathryn

Amazon recommended this series to me because I had already read the Project Arma series (link to Project Arma blog post). Logan is the beginning of the Blue Halo Security series, which is a spinoff of the Project Arma series. Wyatt from Project Arma has cameos in this one.

A quote from Logan by Nyssa Kathryn

Logan Snyder participated in Special Ops soldier prior to his kidnapping for the Project Arma operation. After being freed, he loses some of that freedom when Grace Castle, a therapist who was treating some of the women connected to Project Arma, shared all the information about Project Arma.

A quote from Logan by Nyssa Kathryn

Grace Castle had to make a hard decision. Protect her patients and the confidentiality of what they told her or protect herself and her family. Neither was an easy call, but when she sees how much damage her release of information causes, she decides to apologize in person.

Logan by Nyssa Kathryn

Brief Summary (while trying not to give everything away)

In Logan, Grace arrives and apologizes to Logan. He can tell that she is sincere, but he wonders about her secrets that she’s hiding. Who is she running from? Can he convince her to trust him?


This is on Kindle Unlimited. This is a series. The first five are published and number 6 comes out in March. I will be reading the next one very soon.

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