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Longbourn’s Son by Laraba Kendig

I kept reading about Elizabeth and Darcy in Longbourn’s Son. I enjoy my Pride and Prejudice variations so I went on a binge in December. Laraba Kendig is an author I have read before and liked it so I decided to try this one.

A quote from Longbourn's Son by Laraba Kendig

This variation alters the story by introducing a twin for Kitty, a boy by the name of Luke. Unlike others I’ve read where they leave out Lydia when they add another child, especially a boy in the mix, this still has Lydia. It also has Mrs. Bennet dying when Elizabeth is about 16. How will that impact our story?

A quote from Longbourn's Son by Laraba Kendig

Darcy arrives with Bingley just like in canon. But this time when he insults Elizabeth at the assembly, Elizabeth’s brother happens to overhear and take offense.

Longbourn's Son by Laraba Kendig

Brief Summary (while trying not to give everything away)

In Longbourn’s Son, Luke Bennet changes everything. Mr. Collins do actually appear in this one, but not as the heir apparent to Longbourn. Luke works the estate and as such, has added to the income of the estate. But how else will this one change play out with the rest of the story? Read and find out.


Longbourn’s Son is a variation that I had not read before. While I’ve read variations with the Bennets having a son, I haven’t seen many where Mrs. Bennet dies, leaving Mr. Bennet a widower. This one is well worth the read and is available on Kindle Unlimited.

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