Made for the Marquess by Alexa Aston

Time to return to the series The Second Sons of London. I love historical romances so I decided that it was time to revisit the series. Next up is Made for the Marquess. Now that the Three Cousins are matched, who is the female main character?

A quote from Made for the Marquess by Alexa Aston

Lieutenant Colonel Percy Perry is the younger son of the Marquess of Kingston. Unlike most of the Second Sons, Percy actually adored his older brother Rupert. But just after the Waterloo battle, Percy discovers that Rupert has died without issue. That makes Percy the new Marquess.

A quote from Made for the Marquess by Alexa Aston

Miss Araminta (Minta) Nicholls is one of twin sisters who spent the last several years in Canada with their father. Their mother stayed in England to care for her father who was ill. Araminta missed her normal debut so she sets sail to return to England when her mother arrives in Canada.

Made for the Marquess by Alexa Aston

Brief Summary (while trying not to give everything away)

In the book Made for the Marquess, Minta goes to live with her aunt and uncle as they have no children and are sponsoring her in the Ton. They live next door to Percy. When Percy finally accepts their dinner invitation, he meets Minta. Do sparks fly? Read and find out!


This one is on Kindle Unlimited. I can’t wait to read the ones added to the series since I read them last year. If you’re a fan of the he’s broken and shy trope, then you’re going to want to read this one! I highly recommend these if you are a fan of historical romances.

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