Mind Games by Nora Roberts

Shortly after my birthday, I received an email from the marketing coordinator for Mind Games by Nora Roberts through St Martin’s publishing group. I was able to get an ARC to read it since it doesn’t come out until May 21, 2024. Y’all, I’ve been reading Nora Roberts for over 30 years. While there are a few books that I haven’t liked as much as others, this isn’t one of those!

A quote from Mind Games by Nora Roberts

Thea Fox loves to visit her maternal grandmother, Grammie, in Redbud Hollow, Kentucky for two weeks every summer. The summer she is twelve, she and her brother Rem go for their usual visit. But while there, Thea “sees” her parents being murdered in their Fredericksburg, Virginia home. Since she’s linked with the killer, she only sees what he looks like once he looks in a mirror.

A quote from Mind Games by Nora Roberts

The local Kentucky sheriff knows of Thea’s Grammie’s gift so readily believes Thea. The detectives from Virginia however do not. They come to find out if the killer was working with Thea and/ or her Grammie. Thea is able to convince them and gives them a way to find the killer.

Mind Games by Nora Roberts

Brief Summary (while trying not to give everything away)

In Mind Games, Thea must learn how to live with her gift. The story follows her through college and after, showing the mind games that the killer plays with her and how she handles it.


This book is coming out in May. I honestly can’t wait to get a copy and reread it. This one has so many layers to it. There is a reason that I haven’t revealed who Thea’s hero is and that’s because it’s not who I originally guessed! I can’t wait to see if y’all guess who it is.

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