Miss Wonderful by Loretta Chase

My sister recommended Loretta Chase to me, specifically Mr. Impossible, but I couldn’t start with the second book of a series. I decided to read Miss Wonderful first.

A quote from Miss Wonderful by Loretta Chase.

Alistair Carsington is the third son of the Earl of Hargate, who deems it is now time to focus on his third son. With the amount of bills that the earl is being required to pay off each month for Alistair, the earl gives Alistair an ultimatum- find a useful occupation or discover a wealthy heiress to wed. Alistair is haunted by his time at Waterloo, even when he’s revered as a hero.

A quote from Miss Wonderful by Loretta Chase.

Maribel Oldridge now is considered a spinster. However, not because she lacked suitors, but rather because she had to come home and take care of her father. Maribel’s father is a botanist and spends his time with his head in the clouds, observing lichens and mosses. As a result, Maribel had to save their estate from financial ruin after their last bailiff tried to run it into the ground.

Miss Wonderful by Loretta Chase.

Brief Summary (while trying not to give everything away)

In Miss Wonderful, Alistair is trying to help his old friend, Lord Gordmor with his new idea for a canal to get his coal to market more quickly. However, the other land owners are quibbling over whether it is really needed or necessary. Maribel is leading the charge against the canal.

Alistair most desperately wants to make everything right and for the best of everyone, including Maribel. It takes some time for the two of them to see what others see when they look at the two of them.


Miss Wonderful wasn’t the best book I’ve read this year, but it definitely grew on me. I liked Alistair and his finicky ways of dress. I definitely recommend for anyone who likes historical romances.

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