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Mr Darcy’s New Neighbour by Marie Green

I kept right on with my Pride & Prejudice binge read with Mr. Darcy’s New Neighbour. This one starts after the Netherfield party returns to London. Elizabeth and Jane visit with their Uncle and Aunt Gardiner in London.

A quote from Mr. Darcy's New Neighbour by Marie Green

While in London, Elizabeth meets Colonel Fitzwilliam after he rescues her when she falls on some ice. Evidently, the colonel talked about Elizabeth so much that his mother sent both her and Jane an invitation to visit. At Matlock Gardens, Lady Matlock proceeds to explain just how unsuitable a bride Elizabeth would be for the colonel- all done very subtly, of course.

A quote from Mr. Darcy's New Neighbour by Marie Green

Elizabeth wasn’t deterred as she merely liked Colonel Fitzwilliam. Plus, she had to return to Longbourn as her father wrote, requesting her to come home. Once home, she and her father were off to Liverpool as Mr. Bennet had received a letter asking him to come.

Mr. Darcy's New Neighbour by Marie Green

Brief Summary (while trying not to give everything away)

In Mr Darcy’s New Neighbour, Elizabeth and Mr. Bennet are to meet their new benefactor in Liverpool. Who else should appear in Liverpool, but Mr. Darcy, Mr. Wickham, and Colonel Fitzwilliam? How will their story be changed? Who is the mysterious benefactor?


Mr Darcy’s New Neighbour does in fact feature a new neighbor for Mr Darcy. The new benefactor takes an estate close to Pemberley. This is a very good story. I highly recommend reading it. It is on Kindle Unlimited.

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