Mr Fixer Upper by Lucy Score

I’ve read several Lucy Score books now. I’m slowly working through her backlist. There are just so many good authors out there to read! Next up for me on Lucy’s backlist is Mr Fixer Upper.

A quote from Mr Fixer Upper by Lucy Score

Gannon King is half of the Kings of Construction TV personalities who host and work on the reality show, renovating houses. Think Extreme Makeover: Home Edition. Gannon works with his twin sister Cat.

A quote from Mr Fixer Upper by Lucy Score

Paige St James is the field producer for Kings of Construction. She is working on the show, trying to gather enough money for her documentary on women in the television industry.

Mr Fixer Upper by Lucy Score

Brief Summary (while trying not to give everything away)

In Mr Fixer Upper, Gannon realizes that he misjudged Paige during the first season. He wants to learn more about her. Paige refuses to get involved because she thinks that Gannon is dating Meeghan, a fellow reality TV star. But the chemistry between the two is through the roof and the network wants to use it. What will happen? Read this one and find out!


This one is so good. It’s similar to Maggie Moves On in the sense that it’s about renovations. In fact, Cat King (Gannon’s twin) is mentioned in Maggie Moves On. I must mention that this one is written in third person, but it does switch from Paige’s perspective to Gannon’s. So you do get to see what each are thinking. This one is on Kindle Unlimited.

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