Murder at Half Moon Gate by Andrea Penrose

After reading Murder on Black Swan Lane, I knew I had to continue reading the series. Next up is Murder at Half Moon Gate.

A quote from Murder at Half Moon Gate by Andrea Penrose

The Earl of Wrexham is a scientist. Really, he’s a chemist. He, along with his valet, performs lots of science experiments. But the night at the start of the story, Wrex is walking home from the gambling hells with his friend, Kit Sheffield, when they almost trip over a dead body. This leads to his investigation of the murder.

A quote from Murder at Half Moon Gate by Andrea Penrose

Charlotte Sloane has many secrets, but one is that she took over for her husband and pens the satirical cartoons as A.J. Quill. Using her network of street urchins, she discovers many things. So Wrex asks her for help to discover who killed Mr. Ashton, an inventor.

Murder at Half Moon Gate by Andrea Penrose

Brief Summary (while trying not to give everything away)

In Murder at Half Moon Gate, Charlotte’s two worlds collide. Wrex meets her childhood friend, Baron Sterling. But will they be able to figure out who killed Mr. Ashton and why?


Andrea Penrose weaves a story revealing details as needed. I was able to figure out who the killer was but I did not figure out all the details as to why. I do love that this is set in the Regency period. This book IS on Kindle Unlimited. If you like the Regency time period and mysteries much like Sherlock Holmes, you’ll want to read this one.

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