Murder at the Serpentine Bridge by Andrea Penrose

After reading Murder at the Royal Botanic Gardens, I had to continue reading the series. But I read a few books in between. Wrex and Charlotte married! Eeek! Now what would they get up to in Murder at the Serpentine Bridge?

A quote from Murder at the Serpentine Bridge by Andrea Penrose

Wrex and the boys were out for a walk along the Serpentine with the huge dog they had. The dog spied a body in the water and jumped in to pull it out. Wrex sent the boys for the watchman and thought the whole thing was out of their hands.

A quote from Murder at the Serpentine Bridge by Andrea Penrose

Charlotte is now the Countess of Wrexford. She, Wrex, and their wards attend a birthday gathering for Charlotte’s brother’s sister-in-law. There they meet quite a few new people, but most importantly the boys meet Peregrine, who they quickly dub ‘Falcon’.

Murder at the Serpentine Bridge by Andrea Penrose

Brief Summary (while trying not to give everything away)

In Murder at the Serpentine Bridge, the British government recruits Wrex to help find Jeremiah Willis’s plans and prototype. Charlotte wants to find the murderer. Will they? How does Falcon fit in?


Andrea Penrose weaves a story revealing details as needed. I loved the inclusion of Falcon. He fits in perfectly with Hawke and Raven. I do love that this is set in the Regency period. This book IS on Kindle Unlimited. If you like the Regency time period and mysteries much like Sherlock Holmes, you’ll want to read this one. If you enjoy economics, game theory, mathematics, or botany, you’ll enjoy this one.

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