Once More With Feeling by Nora Roberts

Once More with Feeling is an oldie by Nora Roberts. I mean, it was written in the 1980s. So keep that in mind if you read it because boy, has lots of things changed. I found this as a deal through Book Gorilla. Even though I own the original Silhouette book (but I can’t place my hand on it), I still bought the Kindle version.

A quote from Once More with Feeling by Nora Roberts

Raven Williams is a singer/ songwriter. She rose to fame very quickly. Raven has always been the responsible one, but she fell in love quickly with Brand Carstairs. She had no idea how to handle it, so of course she handled it badly. But then so did he.

A quote from Once More with Feeling by Nora Roberts

Brand Carstairs is an international singing superstar. He hails from England, but meets Raven in California. He falls for her almost instantly, but she’s always holding back. She never lets him in.

Once More with Feeling by Nora Roberts

Brief Summary (while trying not to give everything away)

In Once More with Feeling, it’s five years after Raven and Brand had flamed out. Brand returns to offer Raven a chance at writing the score with him for the latest potential blockbuster movie. Of course, she jumps at the chance, even though she is hesitant to be around Brand after he left five years ago. Will the flames be restarted? Read it and see!


If you’re going to read this one, just remember that it’s an oldie. Don’t expect it to be like Nora’s current writing style. She has evolved over the years. Plus, Brand smokes a lot. So expect smoking in this one. This was a Silhouette Intimate Moments book so there are some sex scenes.

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