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Over the Broom by Sara Bourgeois

After Broom and Gloom, I just kept right on rolling and continued on to Over the Broom. I had borrowed this complete series in one book through Kindle Unlimited. That made it easy to keep right on reading.

A quote from Over the Broom by Sara Bourgeois

It’s time for the wedding! Brighton Longfield is getting married to Remy Skeenbauer. Yes, the feud is ending. We see the ceremony and yes, it’s a witches’ ceremony!

A quote from Over the Broom by Sara Bourgeois

At the beginning of Over the Broom, Brighton and Remy are finally getting married. The ceremony goes off without a hitch. What a great ceremony they have. The quotes are from the ceremony. But what happens at the reception?

Over the Broom by Sara Bourgeois

Brief Summary (while trying not to give everything away)

In Over the Broom, during the wedding reception, which is being catered by a Skeenbauer witch, that witch winds up dead. But that’s not all. Everybody else present also was poisoned. While Brighton is still a novice at witchcraft, she does help save most everyone at the reception. But who did it? Was it a Skeenbauer witch who didn’t want Brighton and Remy to get married? Or was it about something else entirely? The only way you’ll know is if you read it and see!


This one is available on Kindle Unlimited. Over the Broom is a light, cute, cozy, paranormal mystery. If you love a cozy mystery with magic involved, you’ll like this one. This one is short as well.

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