Playing The Odds by Nora Roberts

Playing the Odds by Nora Roberts was a limited time deal on Amazon so of course, I had to buy it. Even though I already owned the paperback, the Kindle edition had to be mine. This series (the MacGregor series) contains the first Nora Roberts book I ever read. This is the first of the series.

A quote from Playing the Odds by Nora Roberts

Serena MacGregor works as a blackjack dealer aboard a cruise ship. She’s on her last run before she leaves to start her own casino. At least that is the plan.

A quote from Playing the Odds by Nora Roberts

Justin Blade decides to go on a cruise at his friend and colleague, Daniel MacGregor’s suggestion. He has no idea that Daniel’s daughter, Serena is on board. But of course, their paths will cross- as a gambler like Justin can’t help but play the tables.

Playing the Odds by Nora Roberts

Brief Summary (while trying not to give everything away)

In Playing the Odds, Serena meets Justin on board. Justin is instantly intrigued. Serena ends up spending time with Justin before the cruise is over. After meeting her, Justin offers Serena a job. Will she take it or make him a counteroffer? Read it and find out.


Playing the Odds is the first of the MacGregor series. Daniel MacGregor is a matchmaker of the highest order. Each of the ten books in the series features Daniel up to hijinks with his matchmaking. Really these books are must reads if you are a fan of Nora Roberts. They even hold up well considering that they were originally published in 1985. It is not on Kindle Unlimited, but well worth buying it.

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