Project Arma Series by Nyssa Kathryn

The first romance series that I read in 2022 was the Project Arma series. By series, I mean separate books that connect since I read Pippa Grant’s Happy Cat series as a box set. This one grabbed me from the first book! I had to read them all.

Luca (Project Arma series #1)

So let’s check out the Project Arma series, shall we? It all starts with Luca. Luca Kirwin is one of eight Navy SEALs (they were on a SEAL team together). The team was part of an experiment called Project Arma. The thing is, the team had no idea that they were being experimented on. But then they miraculously avoided execution by another team and found out all.

Evie Scott is on the run. She arrives in Marble Falls and moves in next door to Luca. He notices her right away, but he frightens her as he reminds her of her ex. Who is she on the run from? Will Luca break down her defenses and get her to trust him? Read this one to find out.

A quote from Luca by Nyssa Kathryn, the first of the Project Arma series

Eden (#2)

We discover in Luca that Eden lost someone when the team found out about Project Arma. Worst part- they aren’t sure if Shylah knew what was going on with Project Arma since she met Eden during the experiments. So when Shylah shows up in Marble Falls, will Eden and Shylah get back to how they were together or has too much time past for them to make it back? Read it and find out.

A quote from Eden by Nyssa Kathryn, the second of the Project Arma series

Asher (Project Arma series #3)

Next up is Asher‘s story. We know from Luca and Eden’s story that Asher and Lexie have something going on, but this time we really get to delve into their story. Asher refuses to commit to Lexie. Lexie gets tired of his shenanigans. Then she discovers that she’s pregnant. How has Project Arma impacted the guys’ DNA and will that impact Lexie’s pregnancy? Read it and find out.

A quote from Asher by Nyssa Kathryn, the third of the Project Arma series

Mason (#4)

Next up is Mason‘s story with Doctor Sage Porter. Sage came in during Asher’s story to help with Lexie’s pregnancy. Mason was attracted right away, but trust isn’t easy for these guys. After all, Mason even goes so far as to bug Sage’s phone. Admittedly, she is keeping a secret, but really you can’t blame her when it comes to her twin brother. In addition, it looks like Project Arma is now after Sage. Will Mason be able to keep her safe? Read it and find out!

A quote from Mason by Nyssa Kathryn, the fourth of the Project Arma series

Wyatt (Project Arma series #5)

Mason’s little sister Quinn comes to town in Wyatt. She moves in next door to Wyatt and of course the sparks fly. As she is researching a story about superhumans, she has no idea that her brother and Wyatt are ones. So what happens when she finds out? Will she and Wyatt be able to work together to figure things out? Read it and find out.

A quote from Wyatt by Nyssa Kathryn, the fifth of the Project Arma series

Bodie (#6)

During Wyatt’s story, we met Maya Harper, who was a witness who had contacted Quinn before going into hiding. Bodie offered to be the one who shadowed Maya once Wyatt and Evie found her. Maya started bartending in Keystone. Bodie joined her there to protect her without her knowledge. But sparks are flying between them. What will happen? Read it and find out.

A quote from Bodie by Nyssa Kathryn, the sixth of the Project Arma series

Oliver (Project Arma series #7)

Oliver is the next one to find his love. He mentioned in Bodie’s book that he had spent a night with someone named Tori, but then she had ghosted him. Well, she is back. However, Tori has amnesia. She didn’t even remember her name until she saw Oliver’s note with her name written on it. But Wyatt and Evie can’t find her so who is she really? Is she connected to Project Arma? Read it and see.

A quote from Oliver by Nyssa Kathryn, the seventh of the Project Arma series

Kye (#8)

The last book of the Project Arma series (which leads into the Blue Halo series) is Kye. Samantha Jacobs, Tori’s best friend, has been working for Hylar without knowing what type of project she’s been working on. Once she finds out what it is, she destroys all of her work. But Carter captures Kye and forces Samantha to work on a new remote. Will they get free? Read and find out.

A quote from Kye by Nyssa Kathryn, the eighth of the Project Arma series


If you’re a fan of supersoldiers, then you need to read this series. All of these are on Kindle Unlimited and you should run to read them!

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