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Remembrances by Cassandra Leigh

I kept right on with my Pride & Prejudice binge read with Remembrances. This is another by Cassandra Leigh. Since I had just read Unconsciously Done by her, I thought that it would be good to try another of hers.

A quote from Remembrances by Cassandra Leigh

This one starts when Elizabeth is walking to Netherfield to check on Jane. As she is hopping over the stile, she slips in the mud and falls. Elizabeth hits her head on a rock. Fortunately for her, Mr. Darcy needed air and was on the terrace at the time of the fall. He rushes out to her.

A quote from Remembrances by Cassandra Leigh

As a result of the fall, Elizabeth has amnesia. This causes her to question everything as she remembers nothing and no one. Mr Bennet brings the Bennet carriage to pick up both of his daughters. He refuses to let them stay at Netherfield.

Remembrances by Cassandra Leigh

Brief Summary (while trying not to give everything away)

In Remembrances, Elizabeth wonders why she was out and about on such a muddy morning. Her relationship with all of her family changes as a result. Due to Elizabeth’s injury and Lydia’s insensitivity to her sister’s plight, things change in regards to how the Bennet parents treat Lydia.


Remembrances is an interesting what-if that shows how one little change could impact everyone in the neighborhood. Elizabeth’s amnesia affects her relationship with everyone, including Jane and Mr. Darcy. This is on Kindle Unlimited.

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