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Saved by the Princes by Charmaine Ross

I’m honestly not sure how I found Saved by the Princes. It’s a fairytale retelling with a slight twist. It’s a reverse harem story. So Cinderella (or Cindamyn in this story) has multiple princes.

A quote from Saved by the Princes by Charmaine Ross

Saved by the Princes is the first in a series of fairytale retellings that are all reverse harems. But let’s get to this one, shall we?

Cindamyn is an orphan who works as a waitress at Big Bob’s Burgers until her friend Helena convinces her to come with her to try out for the reality show “If the Shoe Fits.” Cindy thinks there’s no chance of her being chosen. That is until she tries on the shoe. All of a sudden, poof, she is in a new world- her home world.

A quote from Saved by the Princes by Charmaine Ross

When Cindy arrives in her home world, her princes greet her with kisses. Princes Henry, Tasius, and Drizen are brothers, who declare her to be their chosen mate. But she has no memories of her magic or the bond that she has with the princes.

Saved by the Princes by Charmaine Ross

Brief Summary (while trying not to give everything away)

In Saved by the Princes, Cindy arrives in her home realm with no memories. The person who banished her to the human realm continues to try to cause trouble for Cindy. Will her princes rescue her and together save their realm or will the villain achieve their goal?


This book is on Kindle Unlimited. If you like magic, fairy tales, and fated soul mates, you must read this one. So good! There are some sexy times so no reading if you aren’t prepared for that.

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