Sin & Surrender by K.F. Breene

After finishing Sin & Lightning, I had to finish Kieran and Alexis’s story in Sin & Surrender. I mean I couldn’t wait to discover how this story ends!

A quote from Sin & Surrender by K. F. Breene

In this series, magicals have been revealed to the world, but there hasn’t been a Spirit Walker amongst the magicals in some time. Alexis has learned that she is a Spirit Walker. In fact, being a Spirit Walker is what helped her release Kieran’s mom’s selkie spirit and help Kieran take down his father. Yet, now that Kieran took down his dad, he’s spending time ruling over magical San Francisco.

A quote from Sin & Surrender by K. F. Breene

In the last book, Kieran added new members to his team of magicals. First up was Jerry, who could control Earth. Then came Dylan, who is a Thunderstroke and has the power of lightning. Luckily, they were both added to the team and traveled with them (and Alexis’s cats) to visit Demigod Lydia. Boy was she not a good host!

A quote from Sin & Surrender by K. F. Breene

Brief Summary (while trying not to give everything away)

In Sin & Surrender, it’s time for the Magical Summit. They arrive on an island with Daisy in tow. What will happen while there? Be prepared for some twists and turns in the final installment of the Demigods of San Francisco.


This book is on Kindle Unlimited. If you like supernatural powers, Greek gods, etc, this is a book you should check out. This was it! In fact, I finished the series in less than a week and I’ve reread it twice since.

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