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Sleigh Spells by Bella Falls

I have this idea for a subscription box. I’m working out the details, but it would include a cozy mystery and be built around it. So I’m reading lots of cozy mysteries. Next up in my search was Sleigh Spells.

A quote from Sleigh Spells by Bella Falls

Aurora Hart despises Christmas and everything that goes with it. Yet, when she’s given the opportunity to serve one year probation in Holiday Haven, instead of serving a full sentence for her crimes, of course, she jumps at it.

A quote from Sleigh Spells by Bella Falls

For the most part, Aurora is trying to keep her head down and just bide her time while she is in Holiday Haven. That isn’t easy when you have both fire and ice magic and you’re close to the North Pole…

Sleigh Spells by Bella Falls

Brief Summary (while trying not to give everything away)

In Sleigh Spells, someone has stolen Santa’s sleigh. Most people in town think it’s Aurora, but a VIP knows it’s not her and asks Aurora and friends to figure out who really did it. Was someone trying to sabotage Holiday Haven’s chances at winning the Seasonal Spirit Awards or enhance them? Read the book and find out.


This one is available on Kindle Unlimited. It’s a very cute paranormal mystery with talking squirrels, vampires, shifters, and witches. I will be reading the rest of this series.

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